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Dreamy A-Frame Getaway in Minnesota

It's been almost one year since we started hosting our first guests at the Stylle Hytte. What started out as an outdated 70's cabin complete with shag carpet and an outdoor bathroom quickly became one of the dreamiest cabins one can find 'up north'. Ready to take a walk down memory lane with us for a moment? Let's go back to the beginning.

That's enough lingering with the dark, drab cabin we claimed as our own! Let's move forward with the vision we had in mind as we drew up designs and got to work. Our goal was to create a space that was warm and cozy yet open and airy. This meant big windows, a lofted ceiling, large front deck, and a complete exterior makeover. We added a dreamy bedroom and bath along with a modern, nordic inspired kitchen. The only thing that remained through it all was the retro wood fireplace which worked like a charm. Here's some inspiration I gathered as we laid out plains.

While the exciting designs came to fruition inside, just as much work was accomplished outside as well. A septic, well, yard cleanup, walking trials, copper colored roof, white exterior, and a spacious front deck were added. Within three months, we had transformed the property into a nordic inspired getaway without a trace of shag or panelling!

Since welcoming our first guests almost one year ago, we've truly enjoyed opening up our cabin. Whether it's for a silent retreat, an elopement ceremony, or an anniversary getaway, we are honored to be a part of it all. Still haven't booked your stay? Don't worry, we're not going anywhere. Plan your next getaway now!

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