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What To Pack For A Northern Cabin Getaway

Are you ready to bring your next vacay up a notch? Sometimes all you need is a few, small extras that are sure to make your trip even more memorable. We like to call these little luxuries. When you've finished packing the essentials, simply find a small basket or tote bag from around your home, and check off the list below.

Are you ready? The following items will not only add to your vacay vibes, but they'll be sure to multiply your memories.

  1. Roasted coffee beans: Does anyone else go to bed excited to wake up to their morning cup of coffee? Branch out, and try a new, local roast from the area you're traveling to. And if you're wondering, we always keep coffee grinders in each of our cabins, so you don't have to worry about that.

  2. Favorite Blanket: Pack your favorite blanket for hours spent sitting around the campfire or an afternoon picnic lunch.

  3. New Candle: I don’t need to tell you that a scent has a special way of attaching to a memory. Why not create your own on your next getaway with a new candle?

  4. Cabin Spotify Playlist: For those mellow mornings and cozy nights around the fire, we’ve got you covered. Click here to see our newest playlist we created for you.

  1. Books: There's nothing like bringing along a good book to the cabin. Whether its a classic, a brand new recommendation, or a novel you've read a dozen times, getaways are the perfect time to slow down and read.

  2. Cheap Bouquet of Fresh Flowers: If you're desiring to step up your cabin game just a tad, stop by a grocery store and pick up some fresh flowers. They'll add that extra touch of joy to your time away, and everyone else will thank you!

  3. Slippers: Whether there’s snow on the ground or not, slippers always invite that extra touch of coziness.

  4. Pick up a local newspaper: Chances are that the northern cabin you're headed to is tucked away outside of a small, rural community. Take a day to explore what the community has to offer for food, drinks, boutiques, and events. And while you're at it, pick up a local newspaper and peruse it the next morning over your fresh cup of coffee!

Of course, none of the items above are necessities for an amazing time away, but we will argue that they'll help create an extra level of unforgettable cabin experience for you. And if you're ready to plan your next northern getaway, let us help! Click here to choose from one of our unique and luxurious cabins.

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