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Our STR Inventory List

Ready to begin your own short term rental journey, or did you admire some of the furnishings we used when staying at one of our properties? Below is a basic list of some of our favorite items we’ve purchased over and over that stand the test of time!

For the kitchen

One goal we have with every property is minimal and modern with a feel of luxury. We stock the basics without the feel of cluttered overwhelm. Below are some of our favorite kitchen tools and must-haves!

For the bedroom

For the bedroom, our vibe is clean and cozy. We opt for white linens, a few pillow options, mood lighting, and plenty of blankets! 

For the living area

Most of our properties have some sort of a fireplace in the main living area. With that being the focal point of the room, we add in items that encourage a peaceful, ultra-relaxing atmosphere.